Activating A Task

The Task Edit screen for the active task can be accessed from the “Navigation” menu.


Tapping the ACT screen button or the Memo hardware button will activate the task for the coming flight. If one of the supported IGC flight loggers 1) is used, you’ll be asked whether you want to declare the task to the that logger as well.

The task details will be displayed on the Flight Info screen and on the Moving Map screen.

If the task has already been activated the button will read REACT. This is used to activate changes made to the task after the first activation.

Achieved turnpoints in the active task will be shown with a line through the name.

Once the task is active, but you are still on the ground, you can change the Mc value, and enter manually the expected wind. This allows you to look at the ETE at each turnpoint, and expected finish time.

If you are currently in-flight, you will be asked if you wish to make a “New Flight” or “Continue” with the current flight.

  • Selecting a new flight will terminate the current flight log and start another.
  • Selecting to continue will continue with the current flight log, but not record the new task in the flight log.2)

See the Flying a Task section for more information.

1) Note : by declaring the task to an IGC logger, the information from the IGC Information screen is written to the logger as well. Be sure that information like pilotname, registration, glider type etc. is correct. Otherwise the taskdeclaration might be invalid ..
2) This is done to ensure only the first task declaration will be recorded in the flight log file. This is to confirm the IGC requirements.
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