Assigned Area Tasks

An Assigned Area Task (or AAT) is a task where the exact turn-point can be chosen by the Pilot in flight within a defined area. The Pilot must fly through each defined area in order, and be in the air for the specified minimum task time or more. If the Pilot lands early the task time is taken to be the specified minimum task time. The object of the assigned area task is to record the fastest speed. The speed is the distance flown divided by the time taken, or the minimum task time if the Pilot arrived early.

This link show a good example of an assigned area task.

AAT are often used in competitions when the soaring conditions are not certain, so allowing the Pilot to maximise the conditions actually found on the task. They require a certain amount of planning by the Pilot to avoid arriving early, or not making it back, and to achieve the best speed possible.

Areas are defined with relation to a specified waypoint and can be a:

Area Type Example
Circle - Defined by a Max Radius aat_circle.jpg
Sector - Defined by a Max Radius plus Start and End Bearings aat_sector.jpg
Part Sector - Defined by Max and Min Radii plus Start and End Bearings aat_partsector.jpg

The Max and Min points in the diagrams show the points in the area that would score the max and min distance for this area.

SoarPilot will help the Pilot create, plan and fly the assigned area task.

Note: It is highly recommended to enable (ALL or CTL) the Next Waypoint Information on the Final Glide Settings screen. This gives the pilot valuable guidance on the direction to the min distance, target, and max distance points within and Area.

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