Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth Logo  SoarPilot with a Bluetooth (BT) GPS is a very nice combination because there is no need for a cable between the GPS and the Palm. Of course not all Palm devices support BT, but if yours does, then this may be a possible solution.


  • No cables
  • Fully supported in SP 1)
  • GPS can be placed anywhere in the cockpit, unlike IR there is no need for line of sight.


  • BT GPS cost more then a GPS with serial cable, but prices are dropping :-)
  • Not supported by all Palm PDA‘s
  • BT GPS usually requires seperate batteries, make sure to verify battery lifetime

A review of an example setup using Bluetooth can be found here.

Establishing a Connection

When you start SoarPilot with a Bluetooth connected selected on the NMEA/Port Settings screen, the program will search for Bluetooth devices, and allow you to select the Bluetooth GPS. ( Not your phone ;-) )

See also Tips & Tricks - Bluetooth.

1) provided your Palm supports BT
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