Clip-on Connection

Several clip-on GPS solutions exist for the Palm platform. The benefits are clear, less cables means less problems. In almost all cases with a clip-on GPS, the serial port connection is automatically made when the GPS is inserted in either the expansion slot or simply via the hotsync connector of the Palm.

The NMEA Port settings for this type of GPS are therefore NMEA Input Type: Serial.

Baudrate and Use GGA Checksum depend on the GPS model, so refer the manual of the GPS for this.

To troubleshoot GPS ↔ Palm connectivity you can use tools like ptelnet or NMEA Monitor (see Links page where to find these tools).


  • No cables


  • Battery life time
  • A lot of models are out of production, but can usually still be found on eBay.

Clip-on GPS solutions

Model Description Review
gpscompanionvisor.jpg GPS Companion for Visor.
- Plugs into the expansion slot and connects (internally) to the serial port @ 4800 Bd.
- Lasts for 7-8 hr with two rechargeable 1000 MAh NiMH AAA batteries.
- Can also be powered via external plug with 12V board net.
- Out of production but still available on eBay.

The Files section of Soaring Pilot group on Yahoo contains a PDF with a power solution for both Visor and GPS.
Review here

SoarPilot User Review
gpscompanionpalmv.jpg GPS Companion for Palm V. Review here
streetfinder1small.jpg The StreetFinder GPS for the Palm V/Vx is a clip-on GPS module from Rand McNally. Review here.
Nexian HandyGps GPS for Visor, currently (Dec. 2006) being dumped on eBay for very low prices. Review(s) via Google
howto use with SP
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