Control Points in a Task

Control points in the task can be set by double tapping in the waypoint type on the Task Edit screen. Only waypoint type “T” for turnpoint can be set to a control point. The takeoff, start, finish, landing and area points cannot be set as control points. The leg distance to the control point is ignored.

The task distance is from the turnpoint before the control point(s) to the turnpoint after. Control points are excluded from the task declarations and FGA (Final Glide Around all turnpoints) calculations.

Control points will be considered rounded and the program move to the next waypoint when you pass a line perpendicular to the task leg, running thru the control point. Or of course you can go to the next waypoint at any time by tapping the Cse: button on the Final Glide or Moving Map screens and Select another Waypoint.

Control Points in an Assigned Area Task

Control points are used when flying assigned area tasks to give the pilot information of the minimum, target and maximum distance points in the area. When approaching an area, the control point is set to the minimum distance point. When entering the area, the control point is set to the target point in the area, until you achieve this distance or better, then the control point is set to the maximum distance point.

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