Creating An Assigned Area Task

The task is created in the Task Editor as normal, adding the reference waypoint to be used by each area.

To create an area, you must tap on the Area button in the waypoint types.


You can then edit the start bearing (Radial1), end bearing (Radial2), maximum radius (Max R) and minimum radius (Min R). In the case above this is a 5km radius circle centred on the waypoint Kell.

To define a circle make sure the Radial1 and Radial2 are the same value.

You can see examples of the different areas in the Introduction page to this section.

Tapping the Save button will save these changes and return the to Task Editor where you will see the waypoint now marked with a “A” for Area.


Tapping the Quit button will return to the Task Editor without saving your changes.

Tapping the View button will bring up the Waypoint Sector screen where you can check the area, and plan for the task ahead.

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