Creating Temporary Thermal Points

To create this type of waypoint, tap the glider symbol on the Moving Map screen. A new waypoint of type Thrml (Thermal) is created. The waypoint will have a name of: d.dd n, where d.dd is the average climb rate and n is a number 0,1,2, etc. for each new thermal waypoint. The new waypoint will also have the word “Thermal” in the remark field.

Thermal waypoints are displayed on the Moving Map display as a circled “T” with the average climb rate next to it as well as the number.

Thermal Waypoint

It’s obvious that the above displayed thermal isn’t any good. I was having difficulty getting any lift while running SoarPilot on the simulator ;-)

Thermal waypoints are deleted upon termination of SoarPilot. For creation of a permanent waypoint, see Creating On-The-Fly Waypoints

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