Flarm Anti-Collision Device

Flarm Traffic Display

For detailed information on the Flarm device goto the Flarm Homepage and ensure you read the manual fully.

SoarPilot will support receiving the pressure altitude from the Flarm, as well as displaying the information on the surrounding traffic. These options can be configured on the NMEA/Port Settings screen by selected “Flarm” in the Comp and Alt fields.

The Flarm traffic screen is shown below


It can be accessed by pressing the Find button from the Final Glide screen. (See Screen Order Settings) Or by pressing the new Flarm button on the GPS Status screen. Note: The Flarm device does not provide the satellite data to show on the GPS Status screen.

The screen can been zoomed in and out using the normal Page-Up and Page-Down keys, up to a maximum range of 3 kilometers or 2 miles. The Flarm units does not provide data of any traffic beyond this range.

The Screen is always in “Track-Up” mode and cannot be changed.

Obstacles are represented with an “X“, while aircraft are represented by arrows. An arrow pointing up is for an aircraft above you and visa versa. A double arrow indicates an aircraft at your level, defined as +5 deg and -10 deg to the horizontal.

The symbols are shaded according to the level of danger each presents.

Aircraft that are climbing at more than 50% of the current MC value are shown with solid arrow heads. All other aircraft are shown with open arrow heads.

When a warning is present, the bearing and distance are shown in the top left and right corners respectively. The vertical separation is shown in the bottom left corner. In addition, a line is drawn to indicate the warning direction.

Flarm Configuration


This screen is accessed from the Logger Configuration screen.

It allows you to set various Flarm parameters. Please refer to the manual before changing any of these in the top section of the screen.

The bottom section controls the Flarm internal logger. The checkbox Copy IGC Header Info when checked will copy the Pilot, Glider and Competition information from the IGC Information screen to the Flarm.

The Save button will write configuration to the Flarm, and the Quit button leaves the screen without making any changes.

If you receive a dialog box saying “Data Error!” there was a problem communicating with the Flarm. You should check the connection and port speed parameters in the NMEA Port Settings screen.

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