Flight Logger Configuration

This screen as accessed from the “Settings Menu”

Option Description
Logger Setup When this option is checked the logger is enabled
When this checkbox is enabled the logger will auto shutoff when the speed has dropped below the Off Speed as set below. When not checked the STOP button must be used to close the log file.
Slow Log Interval This is the normal log interval when not thermalling. Don’t set it too fast as it may increase the logger database for long flights beyond the available memory of your Palm. The default of 4 secs is a good starting point.
Fast Log Interval This is the interval when in a thermal. Default of 1 sec is fine in most cases.
Estimated Time Left This estimates the maximum length of log file that can be created with the amount of free memory in the Palm device. 1)
Event If this is tapped, a “Pilot Event” will be recorded in the flight log and IGC file.
On Speed This is the speed to fly to start the logger recording your flight
Off Speed When AutoOff is checked this speed setting is used to close a flight, also see next setting.
Off TimeOut The speed must be below the Off Speed for this period of time to close the flight.
No Fix Timeout When no valid GPS fix is received from the GPS for this period of time, the flight is closed.
Auto Xfer If checked this option will automatically transfer the current flight IGC file to the SD card when the logger stops.
Dec. Tasks If checked, task declarations will be sent to the attached logger.
SD Some loggers (e.g. flarm) support SD card, check this box to enable task transfer to SD card

Note :the logger status is visible in the first line of the Final Glide screen

If you have a C302, C302A, ReCo, GPSNAV, EW Micro or Flarm configured in the Comp field on the NMEA/Port Settings screen, then an additional button is visible on the bottom left of the screen which allows you to set various logger specific items.

Flying a Task

It is important to know that if the logger is stopped due to a No Fix Timeout or Off TimeOut the flight is officially ended. If the data returns or the speed is again over the On Speed a new flight is started.

If you were in the middle of a task, it will need to be re-activated, and a manual start performed.

Wave Flying

In order to keep the flight log contiguous while flying in wave, it is suggested that you turn off the AutoOff option. Otherwise the logger may stop if the gliders ground speed drops below the Off Speed. An alternative would be to leave AutoOff enabled but set the Off Speed to a small value (ex. 3-5 knots) and the Off Time to a larger value (several minutes) using the assumption that the glider will never be completely setting still especially over a long duration. That way the logger will still stop once you get on the ground and sit still for a while.

1) In addition a startup check is performed and a warning displayed if there are less than 5 hours remaining
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