Flight/Task Info Screen

There are three parts to the screen. Everything from the words “Flight” to “Task” is information related to the overall flight. Everything from the “Task” label down to either the “Glide Ratios” label or the view buttons (depending on whether the logger is active or not) is related to any task assigned to this flight. Finally the bottom of the screen will show either Glide Ratio values if the flight logger is active or it will show the “Baro”, “% Thermal” & “Map” buttons.

Flight Info:

If the logger is active, or you have an active task, the drop down list will not be active.In addition the name of the current waypoint will be shown at the top of the screen.

The Start time will be the time that the current flight started, the Stop time will update with the current time and the “Time” field is the current duration of the flight.

Max Alt is the updated with the highest altitude value of the flight.

%Thrml shows the percentage of the entire flight that you spent thermalling.

Finally, if there is terrain data loaded for the location that you are flying in then the TerElev value will show you the current ground elevation. If there isn’t and terrain data loaded or you have flown out of it’s coverage, the field will show a “N/A” value.

If the logger isn’t active, the drop down list will then be active. In this case, with the exception of the terrain elevation value, the values displayed will be for the overall. You can then switch between the various logged flights to view their information.

Task Info:

The information in this are shows current task-related information if the logger is active.

Field Description
Dist Show how much of the total task distance you have accomplished
Start Shows when the current task was started
Stop Shows the current time if the task is actively being flown (and the logger is still active). If the logger is stopped, the value shows the time you completed the task or the flight stopped, whichever came first.
MSL or Elev Shows the altitude at the point the task was started
Avg or MC This shows the overall average task speed (logger not active) or the current MC value (in flight). The MC values can be changed using the To Do and Memo keys.
Elapsed This column shows the time, distance and average speed so far achieved on the task.
To Go This column shows the remaining distance. In addition, for a task without a Min Task Time in the Task Rules this shows the estimated time remaining and overall task speed. If a Min Task time is set, then this shows the time remaining to the Min Task time, and the speed required to arrive exactly on time.
Total Shows the estimated Time On Task. ie. The expected time to complete the task. If you have set a Min Task Time in the Task Rules screen the variance to the On Time Arrival (OTA) will be shown in minutes

For fields showing the a task speed, if the logger isn’t active, then the values displayed are the final values for the assigned task. Tapping this field will change the units. If the task is “on hold” because a temporary waypoint has been selected, “On Hold” will be shown in the TOT and Finish Time fields. Tapping either of these fields will resume the task.

Glide Ratios:

These values show various calculated glide ratio or L/D values. They are of particular interest to the paragliding community. Tapping the L.TH field on the screen resets the current calculations for these values. I hope that other people more knowledgable about these values will provide more detail here.

Field Description
Avg Glide ratio in the last 30 seconds
L.Th Glide ratio since the last thermal climb
Reqd glide ratio required to reach the target waypoint

Flight Display Buttons:

  • Task - This button displayes the task declared and stored in the flight log.

This display is read-only and cannot be modified. You can however, copy the task (once) to the task database and edit and re-use it there. Post flight task statistics for:- Time at each turnpoint, time between each turnpoint, speed on each task leg, confirmation of correct sector entry at each turnpoint, can be shown by tapping the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

  • Baro - This button displays the standard altitude vs. time display showing the altitude profile of the flight, and the grounded level 1). If no task is active, it shows just the flight altitude profiles. If a task was assigned for the selected flight, vertical lines will be drawn to indicate when each task turnpoint was marked as accomplished. The tick marks on the horizontal time axis mark each hour. Press the “Back” button to return to the Flight/Task Info screen.
  • % Thermal - If no task is assigned to the selected flight, this will break the flight into six parts and then display a bar graph indicating the percentage of that period that you spent thermalling. If a task is assigned, each bar will represent each task leg. Press the “Back” button to return to the Flight/Task Info screen.
  • Map - This button will display the entire flight in a map representation. As with the normal moving map, the Page-Up and Page-Down hardware buttons can be used to zoom the in and out. The arrows on the sides of the screen can be used to move the center of the map around so you can see the flight. If a task was assigned to the selected flight, it will also be displayed on the moving map. To return to the Flight/Task Info screen, tap the Home or Back button. In the top right corner it shows “Log” and the top left corner shows if the map is in panning mode.

fltinfo_baro.jpg Thermal

1) provided you have a terrain database loaded
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