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Flying A Task

SoarPilot helps the Pilot during the task by keeping track of the waypoints in the task, and directing the Pilot to each one in turn. You must log at least 2 GPS fixes in a sector, cylinder or crossing a line to trigger a valid turn and move to the next turnpoint in the task.

It also provides estimates of the time to reach each turnpoint, and to complete the task.

On the Final Glide screen you can also see the height required to complete the remaining portion of the task in the Final Glide Around remaining turnpoints field (FGA).

SoarPilot will move to the next waypoint in the task automatically when the Pilot flies into the sector defined for the Start, each Turnpoint and the Finish. There will be a beep to indicate the turnpoint has been achieved. The type of sector is selected on the Task Settings screen.

Or the Pilot can decide to change the active task waypoint by pressing the Calc silk screen button. This will bring up this dialog box.

The desciption of each option can be found here.

Alternatively you can go to the Task Editor screen for the active task.

You can get to the Active Task screen by selecting it from the Navigation menu, tapping the Cse/Spd field on the Final Glide screen, or tapping the top right corner (waypoint distance) on the Moving Map screen.

Select a waypoint from the Active Task and then press the To-Do hardware button. It will ask you if you want to change the active waypoint in the active task. This will accomplish all waypoints before the selected one, and start the task if required.

OLC Turn

If you edit a Task Waypoint when flying a task, there is an OLC turn button, that allows you to mark your current position as the turnpoint, and move to the next waypoint in the active task.

This is useful to keep track of your estimated OLC distance score in flight.

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