Future Features of SoarPilot


All the files required to continue the development of SoarPilot are available on a DropBox site. If you add any files to this be sure to add a link to this Wiki

Full access to the DropBox account is possible by signing in as “soarpilot@googlemail.com” with the password “gliding”

Files for the SoarPilot development environment.



Latest Beta Version

4.6.2 beta 13-apr-2012

  • New feature: Preferred Bluetooth GPS connection

modified sources can be found in the Dropbox account in the Betas folder and in the SVN repository (see below).

In Development

Add a line here in case you’re working on anything

4.6.3 beta ??-Jun-2012

  • New experimental feature: Engine Noise Level

4.7.1 beta

  • IGC playback feature

Source Repository

A subversion (SVN) repository has been setup for the Soaring Pilot sources. Subversion is a software revision control system and much better suited for revision control then DropBox.

In order to get access to this repository a developer needs to sign up for an account at this site (free of charge): http://riouxsvn.com/.

After your account has been setup, post a message on the SoarPilot Yahoo Group with your RiouxSVN account name and a request to get access and you will be added as user to the Soaring Pilot repository. It is advised to ‘subscribe’ to the repository so you’ll get notified by email as soon as commits are made to the repository.

The sources are intended to be checked out to the C:\SP_Dev folder (from the DropBox SoarPilot development setup) using this SVN URL https://riouxsvn.com/svn/soarpilot/trunk. The recommended SVN client for Windows is Turtoise SVN Client.

The first time you access the repository to checkout the most recent sources it is advised to delete all *.h and *.c files in the C:\SP_Dev folder to avoid conflicts with the repository.

the following credentials dialog will popup:

Provide your RiouxSVN account name and password and make sure to check the ‘Save authentication’ check box.

SoarPilot Notepad++ Project

The SoarPilot development environment isn’t very fancy, just a text editor and a Cygwin shell + Makefile. The recommended editor is Notepad++ (but of course you’re free to use another editor). For Notepad++ a project file can be found in the SVN repository. To use this project file use Notepad++ menu command ‘View → Project → Project Panel 1’ and then load the npp_project.txt in the Workspace.

SVN rules of behavior

  • The ‘trunk’ always contains the source code for the latest/next release.
  • Users commit their day-to-day work on /trunk.
    • Rule #1: /trunk must compile and pass (regression) tests at all times. Committers who violate this rule are publically humiliated ;-)
    • Rule #2: a single commit (changeset) must not be so large so as to discourage peer-review.
    • Rule #3: if rules #1 and #2 come into conflict (i.e. it’s impossible to make a series of small commits without disrupting the trunk), then the user should create a branch and commit a series of smaller changesets there. This allows peer-review without disrupting the stability of /trunk.
  • Any release (including Betas) are always ‘tagged’ (use SVN command ‘branch/tag’) and never changed after that (some SVN repositories have the ‘tags’ marked ‘read only’)
  • Always do ‘update’ before ‘commit’ to ensure you have the latest version and no conflicts
  • Add a suitable comment to your commits so other developers don’t have to guess what you did
  • If you decide to add a new feature to SoarPilot that requires massive edits, it is good practice to start a new branch in the repository. Then work on this branch until the feature is completed and debugged. Then merge the branch with the trunk and finally merge the branch back to the trunk. This procedure ensures that the trunk is always ready for a release. Minor edits can be done directly on the trunk.
  • As soon as new edits are committed to the trunk, also change the version number and date in the soaring.rcp file (VERSION ID and 2nd line in help_main section)
  • do not commit large binaries or documents, the free repository can only hold 50 Mb. This is more than enough for the SoarPilot source files.
  • Never check something in on the ‘tags’, these must be considered ‘read only’ and ‘frozen’ in time!
  • Don’t forget to ‘add’ new files to the repository. This is a typical mistake, everything works fine on your local copy, but when another developer checks out the new version his copy won’t build because of the missing new files.

Basic Work Cycle http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.6/svn.tour.cycle.html

SVN best 5 practices http://www.iovene.com/posts/2006/12/5-svn-best-practices/

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