GPS Status Screen

This screen displays the GPS status. It does so by parsing some of the NMEA 0183 sentences (GGA, GSA, GLL). In addition to the information shown in the above screen shot (which is taken after a fix has been acquired), the battery status of a GPS Companion 1) is displayed in the title bar as remaining time. The satellite positions are displayed in the circles, and their signal strength in the bars near the bottom of the screen.

SIU: Satellites In Use followed by the number of satellites
Lat: Latitude
Lon: Longitude
Date Date from GPS satellites
Time Time in UTC from GPS satellites
Cse: Course
Dev: magnetic deviation 2)
Spd: Current speed
Alt: GPS Altitude, directly from the NMEA GGA sentence
GH: Geoidal Height, (see NMEA/Port Settings screen for more information)

If no GPS connection is present, a button marked Connect GPS will be visible. Tapping this button triggers another attempt to connect to a GPS. On slow PDA‘s this may be necessary after starting SoarPilot because the first attempt has timed out.

1) this battery level is provided in a proprietary sentence
2) If your GPS doesn’t provide this info, the SoarPilot can compute it, see the Calc Dev option on the NMEA/Port Settings screen
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