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Palm, Inc Palm, Inc site
Sony CliƩ Sony CliƩ handhelds
Compare PDA's Feneric’s PDA / Hand-held Computer Comparison
Google Compare Palm PDA Google results for palm+pda+comparison
Palm Tools
Palm Text Sync a DOC ↔ Text conduit.
MakeDoc For Windows a DOC ↔ Text Converter.
DocReader a tool to convert Palm DOC .pdb files to ASCII text and vica versa.
Filez FileZ is a freely available file utility for Palm OS. It gives you full access to your handheld’s files, system info, and preferences.
SiEd - Text Editor SiEd - Free Text Editor for PalmOS
CSpotRun CSpotRun is another free DOC editor for PalmOS
ptelnet ptelnet can be used to verify GPS reception via the serial (RS232 or IR) port
QuickBits QuickBits optimizes several common operations to improve their performance by as much as 8 times the original speed. However, QuickBits is not an overclock utility.
AfterBurner AfterBurner is a “hack” to increase the clock speed (overclock) of your Palm’s CPU. Lots of other speed up options as well. Highly recommended to squeeze more processing power out of low-end Palm devices.
X-MasterX-Master manages PalmOS system extensions (aka Hacks). FREE!
Quartus BenchmarkBenchmark 3.1 measures your Palm Powered handheld’s speed and bus bandwidth utilization, and shows how your device measures up relative to other models or what the effects of overclock utilities are on the performance of your PDA.
Graffiti Anywhere Allows letters and numbers to be entered anywhere on the screen.
Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange Special Use Airspace for various countries from various sources. Use at your own risk!
Welt 2000 (German) File of all soaring turning points of the world with WGS84 coordinates and a small program WELT2000 (starting from Windows starting from 3.1 to Windows XP).
CLRSite of CLR with NOTAM’s and Dutch and Belgium Airspace information and databases (Dutch)
GPS Tools
Cetus Cetus GPS is the Swiss Army Knife of GPS tracking and field data collection for PalmOS.
NMEA Mon a little NMEA monitor for PalmOS
VisualGPS A desktop tool to visualize NMEA output from a GPS
gpsfeed+gpsfeed+ is a utility that feeds the PC with continuous GPS data as if a GPS were moving in a car or airplane. NMEA 0183 GPS sentences are sent to the application through a socket (TCP/IP) connection or a UDP multicast message. It also outputs the same NMEA data to a serial port of the PC.
Sailsoft NMEA products ($$$) GPSSIMUL and NemaTalker can be used to test SoarPilot without a real GPS attached
GPS SimulatorGPS simulator generates standard NMEA output and can be used to simulate GPS device. With this program you can test the connection cables between the GPS and device or the device (or program on device).
GPS Comparison Database Pocket GPS World Comparison Database
GPS Companion GPS Companion review
Holux GR230 Holux GR230 Bluetooth GPS
Globalsat BT338 Globalsat BT338 Bluetooth GPS
PDA Cables & Cradles Site specialized in PDA cables
Blue Hills InnovationsBlue Hills Innovations offers a huge selection of interface cables for various handheld devices.
GPS CityGPS City is a retailer of GPS and related electronic products with offices in the USA, Canada, and with sales to international countries.
GPSOZCustom cables for various GPS to PalmOS devices. Features Garmin and Magellan specific interface cables. Will ship overseas from Australia. German site with lots of cables and pinning info
PN Technologies PN Technologies has a great selector page to find the cable you need. Also lots of pinout info.
Cypress Industries Cypress Industries sells PDA connectors for do-it-yourself cables
Get wired at - Free handbook of more than 500 brief technical descriptions of connectors, cables, adapters.
SeeYou SeeYou is flight analysis and planning software ($$$)
CouTraci The CouTraCi software is designed and created for the analysis of the GPS flight data recorder and optimized for gliding tasks (Free DEMO)
IGC2NMEA Playback IGC as NMEA GPS over COM port or to file
OLC Online Contest
IGC Flight Replay IGC Flight Replay in Google Earth! (FREE), also support NMEA output to COM port
SP forum Soaring Pilot Group Forum
Navigation with Palm OS Navigation with Palm OS. Excellent site with lots and lots of information about GPS software, hardware, cables, etc.
NMEA sentence information GPS - NMEA sentence information, by Glenn Baddeley
FlightTrack FlightTrack is (FREE) flight analysis software for MacOS X
KFLog KFLog is (FREE) flight analysis software for Linux
Sailors of the SkySailors of the Sky is a Glider Simulator for the PC. It can also output NMEA data while flying in the simulator. Great to familiarize yourself with SP features.
Condor Condor is another soaring simulator that supports NMEA output
SoaringDotNet SoaringDotNet is (FREE) flight planning and analysis software for MS Windows with complete support for SoaringPilot
GPS Babel GPS Babel is a nice tool that can convert waypoints, tracks and route files from one format to another.
com0com can be used to create virtual null modem
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