Load & Save Waypoints

Although SoarPilot can work with the goto waypoints of certain GPS units, it becomes a much more powerful tool if you use its built-in waypoint database.

Data Transfer Procedures

The procedures are identical as described on the Load & Save Configuration page, except as noted below:

  • The proper filename for waypoint data is waypoints.dat, so replace config.scg with waypoints.dat (see note below).
  • Instead of tapping Configuration you need to tap the Waypoints button on the Main Transfer screen.
  • Replace Config Files(*.scg) with Waypoint Files (*.dat) in SPTerm if you use Serial, IR or BT transfer.
  • It is not recommended to use MEMO transfers for inputting waypoint data, as the data will probably be larger than one MEMO will hold.
In the current version of SoarPilot it is no longer needed to use a fixed file name waypoints.dat, you can use any DOC file name in Palm memory because for DOC transfer there’s now a file selection implemented, as can be seen here. The file must have the correct file extension to match the type of data being read.

A detailed procedure using the DOC transfer method can be found here.

Supported File Formats

SoarPilot supports two waypoint file formats:

Format Description
Cambridge The “Cambridge/WinPilot” format is one of most popular used waypoint formats. These files usually have extension .DAT 1)
SeeYou SoarPilot can import the SeeYou 2) waypoint file format. Files in this format usually have extension .CUP 3)
OziExplorer SoarPilot can import the OziExplorer waypoint file format. Files in this format usually have extension .WPT

Sample Cambridge Format

1,53:27.100N,005:40.633E,3M,TAL,AMELAND NETH,FLUGPLATZ
2,52:09.516N,005:25.133E,20M,T,AMERSFOORT A,A28 AB007

Sample SeeYou Format

"AMELAND NETHERLN",AMELA,NL,5327.100N,00540.633E,3.0m,2,90,800.0m,"118.350","AIRPORT"
"AMERSFOORT A28 A",AMERSF,NL,5209.516N,00525.133E,20.0m,1,,,,"A28 AB007"

When loading SeeYou files you can choose on to load the “code” or “name” as the waypoint name in SoarPilot. This option is shown on the Transfer screen when you select the SeeYou format.

As you can see both formats are human readable ASCII formatted files. This means you can edit your waypoints using any pure ASCII editor (like notepad), but always make sure to maintain the correct syntax!

GPWPL Support

In addition to importing waypoint files, SoarPilot now also supports importing/exporting waypoints in the $GPWPL format. This is a special NMEA sentence that is supported by many GPS units on the market.

There is an with Alt option to encode/decode the waypoint altitude in the waypoint name in the format “NNNXXX” where NNN is the first 3 characters of the waypoint name and XXX is the waypoint altitude in meters divided by 10. If this option is not used, the waypoint name is 6 characters uppercase.

When receiving waypoints in the $GPWPL format, the transfer will now stop as soon as a waypoint name is duplicated.

Where to obtain waypoints?

Basically the same sources as mentioned for the SUA data. On the links page a link to the WELT2000 program (German, but English version available) by Michael Meier can be found. This program is also capable of generating waypoints and/or SUA files in the formats supported by SoarPilot.

1) , 3) YMMV
2) flight analysis and planning software for the PC
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