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This program, written by Harald Maier 1), can be found here. This section also contains a few screenshots of the program in action as well. The program is released for FREE under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. The program is no longer maintained and further developments are not to be expected, however in its current state the program is useable for a number of tasks. The source code in C# of the current version can be downloaded from the Yahoo Soaring Pilot group site.


One of the features in this program is the ability to create SUA files from DAFIF input files. Here’s how:

  1. download DAFIF files DAFIFT.ZIP and VERSION.ZIP from the DAFIF web site 2). Unpack both and copy the VERSION file into the DAFIFT folder.
  2. In SoaringDotNet select menu toolsgenerate airspace database. The next dialog will show:
  3. Browse for the DAFIF folder where you extracted the ZIP archives from first step.
  4. Check the desired countries and use the generate Airspace button. This will result in the creation of one or more .SDN files in the airspace directory of SoaringDotNet. These files are in a binary format and useless for Soaring Pilot.
  5. Close the database generator dialog and in SoaringDotNet main window, select the Recorder tab.
  6. Select the ‘Connection’ icon in the main vertical toolbar window and as Manufacturer select ‘Soaring Pilot’:
  7. If your PDA supports serial transfer and you have a serial cradle then you can upload the SUA directly to Soaring Pilot. This is similar to the SPTerm method as described at config file serial transfer, otherwise make sure to check the export to file checkbox.
  8. Now select the SUA icon and check the countries and/or airspace types you want to upload. The total number of SUA items is displayed in red near the bottom of the screen.
  9. Finally use the Upload SUA’s button. When export to file is used, this will result in a ‘Save As’ dialog for a file suadata.sua. This file is in the correct format for transfer to Soaring Pilot.

Original Howto

Some usefull hints:

Allways try the right mouse button, it brings up a lot of popup windows.

Moving the map: Move mouse cursor on side or edge of map, cursor change to arrow, click to move map

Zooming the map: Page up/Page Down Keys or scroll mouse or toolbar buttons

Task creation on map: Create new task or select a task. Hold down shift-key and click on first point.
Click again and drag to next turnpoint. This will append turnpoints to task. Clicking without dragging
will prepend turnpoints. Delete turnpoints with ctrl-key down and click on turnpoint
Note: Taskpoints are takeoff, start, turnpoints, finish, landing.
Moving turnpoints: Move mouse to turnpoint, cursor will change to hand. Click on turnpoint and
drag to new pos.

When you first start SoaringDotNet, you will have no waypoints or SUA's. The map center is somewhere
in the middle of europe. Make one waypoint to your home point and SoaringDotNet will start the next time
with this point centered on the map.

Waypoints are organized in catalogues. You can use SeeYou (*.cub), Volkslogger (*.dbt) and
CAI/WinPilot (*.dat) files. You can have more than one open catalogue, but only one "active". 
You can merge catalogues, move or copy waypoints between catalogues.

SUA files are generated from the DAFIF database, you need to download and
from the DAFIF web site. Unpack both and copy the VERSION file into the dafift folder. 
Currently only dafif version 7 is supported. 

In SoaringDotNet select menu tools/generate airspace database. Select your dafif folder and
generate your requested airspaces. 


Tell me which country(s) you need and i will send it to you. ;-)

Have fun!
1) Harry
2) Currently only DAFIF version 7 is supported
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