Where to Find Data

Obtaining Waypoint and Airspace data for many geographic areas can be obtained from the following websites:

  1. World-Wide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange - There are actually three mirrors of this site now. Within this site, there are a couple of places that you may find the waypoint and SUA files you are looking for. Here are all three sites for you to choose from:

Main Transfer Screen

SoarPilot offers functions to exchange information between the PDA and your desktop PC and to save your data onto an SD card or internally on the Palm in DOC format.

This screen which is accessed from the “Settings” menu can be used to start a file exchange. See below for details about the default filenames SoarPilot is using for each type of file, and how to choose a different filename. The transfer method is selected on the NMEA Port Settings screen and is displayed in the title bar of the transfer screen.

main_transfer.jpg ← transfer method is from/to SD Card

Tap one of the buttons on the screen to select the data you wish to transfer

Additionally if you have either a C302, C302A, GPSNAV, Volklogger, LX or Filser selected in the Comp field on the NMEA Port Settings screen, then there will be an additional button to select data transfer with an external logger.

Default Filenames used for Data Transfer

Data Type Default Filename Receive Transmit Format Extension
Configuration config.scg X X SoarPilot .scg
Waypoints waypoints.dat X X Cambridge .dat
waypoints.cup X X SeeYou .cup
waypoints.wpl X X $GPWPL NMEA Sentence .wpl
Polars polars.spl X X SoarPilot .spl
Tasks tasks.spt X X SoarPilot .spt
Flight IGC Name X IGC Format .igc
SUA suadata.sua X Tim Newton-Pierce .sua
X OpenAir format .air

These are all plain text files.

For SD (Memory) Card transfers, these files should be placed into the following directory on the card:


If these directories are not currently on your card, simply select the Configuration option then touch the Transmit option, choose the “Default” button to get the default filename and “Transmit”. All of the required directories will be created automatically for you.

Choosing a Filename

If you use the SD Card method or Palm DOC method you will be given the option to choose a filename to Receive or Transmit. The file extension is fixed according to the file types above.

Receiving a File

Tap on the item in the list to select it, or use Page-Up or Page-Down to view other pages in the list

Receive Will start the receiving process for the file selected.

Delete will delete the selected file.

Cancel will return to the Main Transfer Screen.

Transmitting a File

Tap on the item in the list to select it, or use Page-Up or Page-Down to view other pages in the list

You can enter the filename you want in the Filename field.

Transmit Will start the transmitting process for the file selected

Default will put the default filename for that file type in the filename field.

Cancel will return to the Main Transfer Screen.


SoaringDotNet is a program on the PC to partner SoarPilot and to make the process of preparing SUA, Terrain, Task, and Waypoint files for uploading into SoarPilot, and to download flights from SoarPilot much easier.

SoaringDotNet can be found under Files on the Soaring Pilot Yahoo group site or on the SoaringDotNet website.

It seems the SoaringDotNet domain name is no longer active (last whois entry is from 2009-11-30). This means the Files section in the SP Yahoo group is the only source for this program that is now probably abandonware :-?

Details on the SoaringDotNet program can be found here. More documentation will be available on the SoaringDotNet website.

The SoaringDotNet program above can also be used to convert OpenAir format SUA files into the format required for SoarPilot.
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