Transferring External Logger Data

If you have either a C302, C302A, GPSNAV, Volklogger, Flarm, LX or Filser selected in the Comp field on the NMEA Port Settings screen, then there will be an additional button to select transfer data with your logger. See below.


Tapping on the Logger button will display a drop down list, from which you can select the type of data you wish to transfer. The table below summarises the supported external loggers and data types.

Computer Download Flights Delete Flights Transfer of Waypoint,
Pilot, Glider data

You can scroll through the list of flights using the following hardware buttons

Button Function
Calendar Move one item up in the list. Moving to the previous page if required, but not past the start of the list
Phone Move one item down in the list. Moving to the next page if required, but not past the end of the list
Page-Down Move a page up in the list. Or to the last page if at the start of the list
Page-Up Move a page down in the list. Or to the first page if at the end of the list

Transferring Logged Flights

On the screen above, select Flights and tap the Receive button.
You must select either DOC or Card 1) for the Data Xfer Type on the NMEA Port/Settings screen.

SoarPilot will then pull a list of available flights from the external logger. During this time you will see a Receiving Flights dialog box.


Then SoarPilot will display the list for you to select a flight to download. You can page up and down through the list as normal.
Tap on the Get Flight button to download your selected flight. Or tap on the Quit button to return to the main transfer screen.


Once the flight download is complete. SoarPilot displays a confirmation dialog.


Tap on OK to return to the list to download more flights if you require.

1) You can also download the binary LXN format file from an LX / Filser logger if Card type has been selected
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