Other Connection Types (GPS with Specific Drivers)

This page describes a few, more obscure, solutions to hook up a GPS with your PDA. If anyone has experience with any of these products i.c.w. SoarPilot, feel free to add your comments here or on the user review page.

Many of this products will work by using the provided driver and a connection setup in the Palm OS directly in the Preferences/Connection settings. A connection must be set up in the Palm OS called “ExtGPS” with the details required to communicate with the GPS device. Then the option will appear on the NMEA/Ports setting screen to select ExtGPS as the NMEA input.

Product Description
sd_gps_package.jpg http://www.igolftech.com/ sells a SD GPS Package. The contents of Package include a SD GPS receiver, iGolfgps v.2 and a SDIO driver for Palm Tungsten 1/2/3/5/C/E, Zire 31/71/72, Treo 650, Tapwave Zodiac and most Pocket PC devices with an SDIO slot. At this time, the SD GPS receiver is not compatible with the Treo 600.

It’s unclear at this time if this driver works with SoarPilot!
cardhp.jpg V.DOT CardHost Pro is a serial interface PCMCIA card host, used for connecting any PCMCIA adapter card containg a UART to any computer that has a serial port. The CardHost Pro has an onboard CPU that emulates card services and socket services, so that the PCMCIA card is initialized correctly.
With this device you can thus use any PCMCIA GPS device and turn it into a serial GPS.
The Palm Bluetooth SDIO Expansion Card (review) adds bluetooth to a Palm with SD slot. Then you can use SoarPilot with a BT GPS. You may have a hard time finding a company that still sells this item.
guyver03.jpg hotsync.com.hk sells a device called Guyver. Guyver is a snap on / sled / slot / adapter with a universal PCMCIA card slot for Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices such as the Palm m500 series, Tungsten T and Tungsten W. Guyver comes with an ultra-thin and elegant metal jacket. It can accommodate a large selection of Type II PCMCIA cards and has it’s own 1000mA 3.6V Lithium Polymer Battery

It’s unclear if Guyver supports PCMCIA GPS-es and how the NNEA data stream is to be fed into Soaring Pilot.
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