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What is PHEM?

PHEM is a Palm Hardware Emulator (based on POSE) that can be used to run Soaring Pilot on an Android phone. Since version 1.2.5 it supports also GPS emulation, meaning that the internal Android GPS can be used as GPS source for Soaring Pilot. PHEM also supports Card Emulation, so data transfer from/to Soaring Pilot is easy, because the (emulated) card is simply a directory in your phone’s memory and can typically be mounted on a PC as well when the phone is connected via USB.

This screenshot was taken from my Samsung S3 Mini running PHEM + Soaring Pilot.

Like POSE, PHEM needs an actual Palm device ROM file to run.

PHEM home page

The PHEM home page at explains what it can do, it’s limitations and a manual how to use and setup.

Make sure to enable GPS data source under the ‘Advanced Settings’:

NMEA may not work with all Android phones, see for details
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