Polar Configuration

For the calculations in the Final Glide screen SoarPilot needs the polar of your glider. This section describres the screens that are implemented in SoarPilot to maintain the polar database.

You must tap Select from the Polar list for any new or changed Polar to become the active Polar in SoarPilot

Polar List

This screen can be accessed from the main Settings menu under Polar or by using the shortcut P. The active selected polar is displayed on top of the list. Tap on the name of a polar to make it the active polar to use.

You can scroll through the list using the following hardware buttons

Button Function
Calendar Move one item up in the list. Moving to the previous page if required, but not past the start of the list
Phone Move one item down in the list. Moving to the next page if required, but not past the end of the list
Page-Down Move a page up in the list. Or to the last page if at the start of the list
Page-Up Move a page down in the list. Or to the first page if at the end of the list

The command buttons at the bottom are:

Button Description
Select Make the polar active for all calculations
Edit Open the polar in the Polar Editor (see below)
New Open the Polar Editor to create a new polar from scratch
Delete Remove the selected polar from the database

Polar Edit

This screen can be used to input a polar using a 3 coefficient algorithm to approximate the actual polar. Also see this FAQ.

On this site a spreadsheet can be downloaded to calculate these 3 coefficients for WinPilot, but I’m sure those values work nicely with SoarPilot too.

You can also enter a total dry weight (including the pilot(s)) and the amount of possible water ballast. This allows SoarPilot to calculate changes in wing loading, and therefore glider performance, if you fly with water ballast.

The pictures below show some sample polars in the editor and the actual polar.

ASW-19 Polar
SZD51-1 Junior Polar

Also see this FAQ.

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