QFE/QNH Settings Screen

This screen is accessed from the Flight menu.

This screen is used to set the QFE altitude and the QNH pressure. For more information see the Altitude References used by SoarPilot screen.

The upper part of the screen displays the 4 altitude values SoarPilot is currently using. The Zero QFE button will set the QFE altitude reference to the current MSL altitude.

The QFE reference can be zeroed at take-off and then you have height above the airfield. If you are flying to another airfield, if you input the height of the airfield in the Field Elev field, the QFE reference will be set to zero at that height, so QFE values now show height above that airfield.

The Auto Zero QFE at Start option will zero the QFE altitude reference setting it to your takeoff altitude as soon as the logger starts.

The lower part of the screen displays the current QNH pressure. The Reset QNH button will set the QNH pressure to 1013.2mb or 29.92 in Hg, or it can be changed using the “++”, “–“, “+” and “-” buttons.

If you have configured to Use Pressure Alt for Final Glide field on the NMEA/Port Screen screen, then the QNH pressure will be used to calculate your current MSL altitude. Otherwise the MSL altitude from the GPS will be used.

If you have this option un-checked and have a pressure altitude source selected in the Alt field on the NMEA/Port Screen screen, then the QNH pressure is not used. The MSL altitude comes from the GPS, and the flight level from the pressure altitude source.

Between the adjust buttons you will see a comment regarding what is being calculated from the QNH pressure.

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