Screen Order Screen

This screen allows you to change the default screen that SoarPilot first opens between the Final Glide and Moving Map screens.

The “Show Set QFE/QNH on Startup” option, when checked, will force SoarPilot to display the Set QFE/QNH screen before the default screen (above) appears. This reminds the Pilot to set the air pressure correctly to ensure the MSL and FL altitudes are correct.

The 10 numbered screens are called up in order when the Find button or the Right buitton on the 5-way navigator is pressed. Tapping each screen allows you to select which screen appears in that position. There is a “None” option if you scroll down the pick list to limit the number of screens used. Note: A screen cannot be repeated in the list.

You can also select a screen (using the checkbox on the left) and use the Page-Up and Page-Down keys to move the selected screen up and down the order.

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