SUA Display & Warning Configuration

This screen as accessed from the “Settings Menu”

The SUA settings are grouped into 2 pages.

Also on this page are 4 other settings

Check SUA for Warnings

This option is a master control for SUA warnings. If this option is un-checked, no SUA warnings will be generated regardless of the detail settings. Access to the detail setting screens is surpressed with this option is not selected.

Display only Warned SUA

This option will surpress the display of all SUA items on the Moving Map screen unless there is an active warning for an SUA item.

Highlight Warned SUA

This option will highlight the display of any SUA item on the Moving Map screen, where there is an active warning for that SUA item. You can select the colour of the highlight for colour Palm units on the Map Line Settings screen.

Auto Dismiss

This option controls how long a warning alert window will remain visible on the screen before it is automatically dismissed by the program. This is used for Task Rules as well as SUA warnings.

Auto Start after 1st Wpt

If this option is un-checked the task will not automatically re-start if you happen to enter the start zone after you have already reached the first waypoint in the task. The Re-Start dialog will still appear, but will not dismiss until the Pilot confirms to re-start or not.

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