SUA Item List and Display

This is accessed from the “Navigation” Menu.

The SUA List Screen

This screen lists all the SUA items loaded into SoarPilot. It can be sorted by tapping on any of the headings. If you tap the same heading again, it will be sorted in descending order.

Any SUA Items with current warnings will always be displayed at the top of the list.

The distance displayed is the shortest distance to the SUA item. This takes some time to calculate, so there maybe a short pause while openning this screen as the program calculates the distance for each SUA item from your current position.

The ACT column will display : Y for a fully active items, D for a display only items, and N for inactive items.

Tapping the SUA#: 16 of 161 changes if just the selected SUA item is affected by the Deact or Act button, or if all SUA items should be affected

The Edit button opens the selected SUA item in the SUA Item Edit screen below.

The Add button opens the SUA item display screen to add a Manual Temporary Flight Restriction.

The Deact or Act button will activate or deactivate SUA items according to the setting of the One or All button. (See above)

You can scroll through the list using the following hardware buttons

Button Function
Calendar Move one item up in the list. Moving to the previous page if required, but not past the start of the list
Phone Move one item down in the list. Moving to the next page if required, but not past the end of the list
Page-Down Move a page up in the list. Or to the last page if at the start of the list
Page-Up Move a page down in the list. Or to the first page if at the end of the list
Memo Goes to the SUA Item Edit screen below

The SUA Item Edit Screen

This screen shows the details for a particular SUA Item.

The Save button or hardware Memo button saves any changes made. 1)

The Back button returns to the SUA List.

The Deact or Act button will activate or deactive the SUA item.2)

Warn On Exit with this option checked, you will be warned as you approach the edges of the SUA item from the inside. (as well as the normal warnings as you approach the SUA item from the outside). This is useful for Wave windows where you must stay within the SUA item as you climb.

Adding Manual Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR's)

You are able to manually add (ie: without having to load SUA data from a file) temporary flight restrictions in the form of a cylinder, centered on a point with a specifc radius and height limits.

When viewing a TFR a Delete button is available to delete the item.

1) Note: you can only change the Title, Activity and Radio fields for a normal SUA item read from an SUA data file.
2) This button label will indicate the effect it will have
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