SUA Warnings Setup

Soaringpilot supports both visual and audible SUA Warnings.


Especially with regard to airspace, the pilot must carry an up-to-date map showing the airspace, and must obey the rules and regulations in force at the time of the flight. It is also the pilot’s responsiblity to ensure the SUA data loaded into Soarpilot is accurate.

If you are travelling fast, you may enter airspace without being warned, particularly if you are using an older, slower palm PDA with extensive/complex SUA data, as not all the SUA items maybe checked in time!!! It is the pilot’s responsibility to be aware of airspace at all times, and not rely totally on SoarPilot to provide warnings.

This page is accessed from the SUA option on the “Settings” menu, and tapping the Warning Configuration button.

Soarpilot includes SUA warnings based on horizontal and vertical separation from SUA items, as well as a prediction of the gliders position after a set time. Note: using the Look Ahead Time option will double the number of SUA checks to be made, and therefore it will take longer for a complete sweep of the SUA database to be done.

The horizontal distance units will use the distance units setting on the Units configuration page. The vertical height units will either be feet or meters and are also dependant on the distance units setting. If you have Statute or Nautical miles selected, the units will be in feet. If you have kilometers selected, it will be in meters. In addition, there is an Urgent parameter. This parameter controls at what percentage of the original warning distance / height you will receive an urgent reminder. If you set this to 0% you will normally only receive one warning before entering airspace.

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