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Task Settings

This screen as accessed from the “Settings Menu”


The task settings can be changed in flight and the changes are immediately reflected into the task.

When Cylinder sectors are used for start, finish or turnpoints, the task distance is reduced by 1 x radius for start and finish, and 2 x radius for each turnpoint.

Tapping the Default Rules button takes you to the Task Rules screen. This allows you set make a set of Task Rules that all new tasks will inherit.



This options controls is you allow more than 1 start for the task. If checked the program will ask if you want to re-start the task when you cross the start line, or leave the start sector for the second or more time. Sometimes if you are thermalling near the start line this can produce many requests for re-start confirmations. If your do not dismiss this re-start request, it will remain on the screen for the time set in the Auto Dismiss field on the SUA settings screen.


This field controls the dimensions of the start line or sector. Note: for a Line or Arc the total length is twice the radius.

Direction controls

When Auto Dir Calc checked, this option will automatically align the start line to sector to be 90 degrees to the first leg of the task. If this is not checked, you can set the direction in the Dir field and set if this is a Magnetic or True bearing.

Line, FAI, Cyl, Arc

This group of check boxes choose the type of start line or sector. Only one can be active. The Start is achieved by entering and then leaving a FAI sector or cylinder, or by crossing a line or arc in the direction of the first leg.

  • Line - A straight line.


  • Cyl - A Cylinder.


  • FAI - A 90 degree sector.


  • Arc - An arc with a radius of the distance to the first turnpoint, with a circumferences of twice the radius field.



Control Lines Visible

This option controls if dotted lines are shown on the moving map screen to show the route to and from Control Points.

FAI Sector, Cylinder, Both

  • FAI Sector - A 90 degree sector.


  • Cylinder - A Cylinder


  • Both - A combination of a cylinder and FAI sector


The FAI Sector and Cylinder have separate radii. If you select Both the turnpoint will be achieved as soon as you enter either the FAI Sector or the Cylinder. You do not need to enter both to achieve the turnpoint.

AAT: Update Legs

This option controls how the target point is updated inside an area of an assigned area task. See Flying An Assigned Area Task for more information.


These settings are identical to the Start sector, but there is no Arc finish. The Finish is achieved by entering a FAI sector or cylinder, or by crossing the finish line.

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