Task Rules

This screen is accessed from the Task Edit Screen by tapping the Rules button.

The Task Rules screen is accessed by tapping the new “Rules” button on the Task Edit screen. You can decide to active the task rules by checking the Active box.

Tapping the Default button will set all the task rules to the default rules set on the Task Settings screen.

If you are editting the Default Task Rules from the Task Settings screen, then there is an addition Glide to Start Height option. If this option is set with a max start height, your final glide calculations to the start will be based on the start waypoint elevation plus the max start height. The waypoint name will change to “Start Height”. This allows you to plan to arrive at the start, at the max start height to get the best possible start.

Rule Descriptions

The purpose of the Task Rules screen is to ensure you meet any rules set in a competition for start time and height, or length of task (typically in an assigned area task). Or to ensure you do not loose more then 1000m from your start height to avoid any distance penalty in an FAI distance task.

The “+” and “-” buttons next to the main values can be used to increase or decrease a value for a particular rule. Note: Warn height and Time Below cannot be changed in this way. These rules are unlikely to change in flight, in a competition, start time / height and length of task may change after launch.

Button Function
Calendar Earlier Start Time
Phone Later Start Time
Page-Up Increase Maximum Start Height
Page-DOwn Decrease Maximum Start Height
Todo Increase Minimum Task Time
Memo Decrease Minimum Task Time

If you attempt a start that breaks these rules, a warning will popup. You can close the warning by tapping in the window or the Cancel button. Alternatively you can tap the Start button to start the task anyway.

The rules below will then be activated for that task once it has been activated. The rules are

The option “Inc Cyl Dist” is to include or exclude the distance from the edge of a start/turn/finish cylinder to the waypoint in the total distance calculation.

Start Rules

On Entry - This option will consider the task started on entry (rather than exit) of the start cylinder or FAI sector. (This option has no effect for a line or arc start type)

Local Time - This sets the earliest time your are allowed to start the task. This is in local time, depending on the time set in your Palm. A zero value turns this rule off. If the task rule of earliest start time is being used, the time to go before the start (mins:secs) is now displayed as a count down above the direction arrow on the Final Glide screen, and at the top centre of the Moving Map screen. “Start!” will be displayed if the starting time has passed.

Goto Start - When this option is selected on the Task Rules screen, the program displays a countdown, shown as “mins:secs” to the time when you need to turn towards the start to arrive exactly at the start time via the shortest route the the start. This is used for competitions run under the “Grand Prix” rules.

Start Height - Sets the maximum start height allowed for a valid start. A zero value turns this rules off.

Warn Height - When you are within this height of your start height, and again if you are over your start height you will receive a warning if you have not started the task already. A zero value turns this rules off.

Time Below - Sets the time you need to be below the max start height before starting for a valid start. A zero value turns this rules off.

The calculations for the Goto Start features assumes your speed will be the speed to fly based on the current MC value. When the countdown reaches zero a warning will popup alerting the pilot to turn towards the start. If you are predicted to be late to reach the start the countdown is shown as “(mins:secs)”. Once the start time is passed, the display changes to “Start!”. The countdown is shown on the Final Glide screen above the waypoint arrow, and at the top of the Moving Map screen. In addtion on the Moving Map screen the speed required to reach the start on-time is displayed next to the count down.

Duration of Task

Task Time - Sets the minimum task time, used in assigned area tasks. A zero value turns this rules off.

If you have set a minimum task time in the task rules, you will see a number displayed next to the TOT field on the Flight Info screen. This shows your estimated Time On Task vs. the minimum time set.

This is also shown above the waypoint arrow on the Final Glide screen and at the top of the Moving Map screen. For example, if you are over the task time by 10 mins the display shows “TOT+10”, conversely if you are going to be early by 10 mins the display shows “TOT-10”. This number is also shown on the Flight Info and Waypoint Sector screens next to the TOT value.

Finish Rules

  • Finish Height - Sets the minimum finish height, this will update all your final glide calculations to arrive at the finish at this height. A zero value turns this rules off. This height is always added to your finish point elevation.
  • Final Glide to 1000m Below Start - sets the finish height to be 1000m below the start height. This is useful when completing FAI distance tasks to avoid any distance penalties. If the finish point is less than 1000m below the start height, no change is made.

If either of the finish height rules are used, the finish point elevation will be calculated when you start the task. The original elevation of the finish point will be shown on the Final Glide screen in brackets next to the current waypoint elevation.

The heights can be either MSL or when the Elev box selected the heights are relative to the start or finish point elevation.

Changes to Active Task Rules

The task rules for the active task can now been added to the screen order list, and accessed directly from the Flight menu. If the active task rules are accessed in this manner, any changes are automatically copied to the active task.

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