Units Setup

This screen as accessed from the “Settings Menu”

This screen is used to select the units you wish to use in Soarpilot.

You can choose the units for:-

Setting Units Options
Altitude Feet(ft) or Meters(m)
Weight Pounds(lbs) or Kilograms(kg)
Water US Gallons(gal), Liters(ltr) or Imperial Gallons(imp)
Distance Nautical Miles(nm), Statute Miles(sm) or Kilometers(km)
Exact Calculate the distance to the start or finish as the shortest possible. (ie: not the distance to the start or finish waypoint itself)
Speed Knots(kts), Miles per Hour(mph), Kilometers per Hour(kph)
Wind as the Speed setting plus Meters per Second(m/s)
Lift/Sink Knots(kts), Feet per Minute/Feet per Second (fpm/fps) or Meters per Second(m/s)
QNH Millibars(mb) or Inches of Mercury(in)
  • Set PDA Time from GPS - If checked, this will update the internal Palm clock from the GPS, adjusting it based on the Time Zone value below.
  • Enable Button Sounds - If checked the program will Beep every time a button (hardware, silkscreen or on screen) is pressed.
  • Time Zone (or Timezone) - This is used to convert the Universal Time (UTC) received from the GPS into local time for display. Times are still stored in GMT but will be displayed with the offset added in.
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